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The Defense of Trewel Towers, or Trewel Towers, is a VR tower defense game. The player embodies the Orna Kingdoms hero and defends the kingdom using their archery skills from atop a tower. The player follows the hero’s story, gaining magical abilities and upgrading the tower defenses in order to repel the invaders from another world.




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Platform: PC VR

Engine: Unity3D

Number of Players: 1-4

Genre: Fantasy Shooter

Project Lead/Narrative: Tyler Gorman

Artists: Aaron Mills, Brendan Berg, Lydia Hallett

Programmers/Design: Matt Camerato, Horacio Valdes


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Connecticon_ShowCase.zip 454 MB
QU_Showcase_2023.zip 303 MB

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In the new 'endless' version, how do you get to the tower that is being attacked? There is no hook to arrach to the zip line?

I can't get further than the first wave. The attackers are out of sight from the main castle and they never move on despite the tower being marked as a full red line (destroyed but still standing).


It would be nice if the narrating character (at the start of each level) would appear where you are looking after the loading screen competes. Often I am facing another direction at the end of a level so I just see black and hear voices until I realise I need to turn and see who is talking.


I could shoot the target in level 1 but not the mushrooms in level 2. Everything else was working - moving around, shooting the chest at the start, climbing the ladders.

When you have completed level 1 (mainly the tutorial) you return to the main room (where you can customise your character). At this point I selected 'Resume Game' thinking it would go to the next chapter but it repeated level 1.

Customising the character was difficult. You would spin the dial to select the option but it would often move to another as you let go.

When you do the zip line at the end of level 1, you start to get lower. By the time you reach the end tower, the zip machine is in mid air (much lower than the wire itself) and you move through the wall.

I was using a Quest 2 with Virtual Desktop.